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The 2014 Season:

Three Day Vacation: JUNE 27, 28, 29

Designed for those who can spare less time away, have smaller budgets, or are unsure if a culinary vacation is right for them, this weekend option provides the same mix of fun, learning and community as the longer vacations, but with four hands-on classes in all. We begin mid-afternoon on Friday with a kitchen orientation and olive oil tasting before cooking our first meal together. We'll visit the Farmer's Market Saturday morning, and then come home to cook a market lunch. After a mid-afternoon break, we'll cook another wonderful multi-course dinner. On Sunday, we'll have our last meal together at mid-day before saying goodbye.


Six Day vacations: May 23-28
                              September 5-10
                              October 17-22

These culinary vacations feature eight in-depth, hands-on cooking classes, an olive oil tasting and a salt tasting as well as an excursion day spent visiting local craftspeople and artisanal farmers. In each vacation, we'll cook in the wood-fired oven and/or on the grill; we'll work with local milk making fresh cheese; and we'll create great multi-course meals filled with dishes you'll want to make at home. Everyone will leave with a new forty recipe repertoire of dishes they'll be proud to cook for family and friends, along with new skills and an in-depth understanding of ingredients and processes.


Deborah Krasner
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